We are experts at creating and taking care of brands in digital contexts.

We blend strategy, creativity and design to adapt to new landscapes, anticipate market changes and build the brands of the future.

Behind every project there is a proven process where we bring together multiple perspectives to turn an idea into something amazing and memorable.
The values that guide us


We embody experience. We try new things too. We commit to what is expected. We surprise with another twist. It's our starting point and our destination. We know what we do, how to do it and why we do it.


We are practical. Problem-solving is our forte. We don't procrastinate. We are courageous. We tackle the problem and defend the idea. We simplify things because that's how the world works better.


We are curiosity. Movement. We want to understand everything that catches our attention. We imagine. We are unique. Also, diverse. We value good ideas and believe in the power of visuals.


We are a team. Inside and out. We are open. We influence each other until something new, something unique, emerges. We create in collaboration. We bring different perspectives to the table because that's how we go further.


We are steadfast. We do, we make mistakes and try again. We love learning. We embrace change and grow. When the challenge arrives, we were already looking forward to it.


We are sociable. We communicate well. We put ourselves in your shoes. Good people, good relationships. We are always there when you need us.

The team that makes it possible
Rosalía Guardatti

Co-founder & Strategy Director

María Lucía Litardo

Co-founder & Design Director

Melina Sachero

Administration & Finance

Analía González Bravo

Operations Director

Ana Inés Tala

Commercial Analyst

Clara Millán

Account Manager

Agustin Simesen

Account Manager

Clara Ronit Lifman

Account Manager

Florencia Grimaldi

Account Manager

Marcela Brignone

Art Director

Jhon Lasso

Art Director

Eliana Rodriguez

Sr. Designer

Solana Berti

Sr. Designer

Rocío Fontana

Sr. Designer

Julieta Otero


Nicolás Corte


Mercedes Travi


Juan Campos

Content Creator

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