Push your limits

Dálmata Gin



Alcoholic beverages

Gin is a growing trend in Argentina, and in this context, Dálmata chose us to restyle its identity and create a clear positioning to make an impact on the current market.



Visual identity

Verbal identity


Content Strategy

Brand challenge

How to make a gin brand stand out among four hundred? That was the great challenge we faced: to build an authentic positioning and an original visual identity, beyond trends, to earn a place in an overcrowded market.

What we did

In a world of recipes and tutorials, we built Dálmata's positioning in the territory of experimentation. We were invited to push boundaries and let curiosity take over. We turned Dálmata into a blank canvas ready to express and create personal universes. We devised a real brand for real people without forcing a pose: the pose that counts is that of each individual.

We designed a visual identity within an urban context, far from the natural or solemn approaches of the competition. Dálmata speaks to the consumer in a simple and direct way, and we also brought that to the visual level.

We discovered the existence of a "chromatic gap" in the market and developed a color strategy to seize yellow. We turned it into a brand color and used it for details together with a full black and white palette.
Photography, typography and visual resources complement each other to bring a strong dose of dynamism, authenticity and spontaneity to the whole system. Whether we are talking about people, consumer situations, gin or ingredients, the Dálmata spirit always comes across as genuine.