You need to rise and shine to sleep well



United Kingdom


Eve is a brand that revolutionized the sleep industry with an original product: premium rolled mattresses and an innovative shopping experience that allows the perfect rest to be found online.
They chose us to communicate this value proposition that offers modern consumers comfort, convenience, and technology.


Digital Campaigns


Brand Challenge

The challenge was to create different digital campaigns with a coherent and innovative brand identity to promote the purchase of a product sold exclusively online, something super disruptive for the category, where most buyers typically try and experience the product in a physical store before deciding to make a purchase.

What we did

We captured the spirit of Eve and translated it into various digital branding and performance campaigns focused on highlighting the product differentiators and driving sales. The always-on or special date campaigns consisted of a mix of formats such as banners, mailshots, and landings. Additionally, we included various pieces for social media, emphasizing the benefits of the mattress in a simple and attractive way through dynamic videos and minimalist illustrations.