Personalized vitamins


2019 - 2020

United Kingdom

Nutritional Supplements

Vitl is a brand of customized supplements and domestic nutritional tests. In a category where over the counter supplements are typically purchased in pharmacies or supermarkets, Vitl bursts into the market with this major innovation, offering millions of people the opportunity to perform a nutritional test in the comfort of their homes. With these results, they can create a personalized supplementation and nutrition plan, all on a 100% online subscription system. They chose us to communicate this innovative proposal and reach all those people who aspire to live a healthier life thanks to a personalized program.


Digital Campaigns

Photo Production

Brand Challenge

The challenge was to introduce a highly innovative product that required a brief and simple explanation of the step-by-step process and functionality. At the same time we didn’t want the campaigns to lose sight of the brand identity and the objective of getting people to try the product.

What we did

We created digital campaigns with different marketing objectives and were brand guardians to achieve a consistent visual identity throughout the user's journey. We developed creative concepts and key visuals for special campaigns such as Black Friday, Anniversaries, Winter Season, or new product launches.
Additionally, we carried out ad-hoc photographic shoots to generate proprietary images that convey the values of authenticity and closeness that the brand sought, while at the same time focusing of the objective of getting people to try the product.