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Mercado Shops is Mercado Libre’s online store platform that boosts the growth of all kinds of brands, startups, and businesses in LATAM.
In a favorable context for the growth of e-commerce, they approached us to develop a rebranding project and create the launch campaign across different communication channels.


Visual identity

Launch campaign


Brand Challenge

Mercado Shops needed to relaunch itself to the market with an improved value proposition and a new visual identity that would allow it to gain ground and position itself as one of the leading players in the industry. The first challenge was to find a brand color to differentiate Mercado Shops from the other business units in the Mercado Libre ecosystem. The second was to design a conceptual, modern, and versatile identity that would reflect the entrepreneurial, reliable, and inspiring spirit of this platform.

What we did

We redesigned the visual identity based on a carefully chosen color palette to enhance the technological and human component of the brand.
We aimed to build a sense of identification with the audience at every touchpoint. We prioritized legibility and the hierarchy of benefits by highlighting key concepts for each situation and each moment.
We sought to create a real, direct, and relatable connection through photographs of devices, and products and sellers in context. To complement the entire system, we designed an extensive set of icons and miscellaneous elements that represent the versatility and simplicity of the platform's UX-UI universe and its entire environment.