Connecting consciousness





Plant is a new marketplace in Argentina that offers plant based products in an easy, fast and accessible way. It has been set up just at a time when natural, organic and vegan products are trending and online stores are part of our daily lives. They chose us to build a brand that connects conscious brands and consumers through technology, while at the same time generating a positive impact on the world.



Visual Identity

Verbal Identity


Brand challenge

The challenge was to communicate Plant’s attributes visually and in writing: innovation, commitment and efficiency. We had to create an image that resonates with the plant based world and stands out among other brands available within the category. It had to feel natural and technological at the same time. And be aimed at two different audiences: conscious sellers and buyers.

What we did

We developed a visual system based on the connection between brands and consumers. The Plant logo contains an isologo that symbolises the point where all paths meet, but it also reminds us of the power of nature.

We chose a colour palette that represents innovation and stands out in digital settings. We chose lilac as the main color because of its technological associations and its capacity to combine with black or white.

We used different color gradients to add depth and provide flexibility to the system. Additionally, we created organic textures inspired in the natural world, such as grains, cells and plants, to demonstrate the authenticity of the Plant-based brand in all elements.

Finally we deployed these resources to all contact points in order to sustain a consistent, memorable and enduring experience.